About Mycalture


[mycalture] is a progressive and dynamic creative agency. In addition to our cutting-edge design work, we specialise in advertising and brand development, as well as full publication management and all digital requirements.

Mycalture is in our 12th year of service and have refined our team to 7 specialists that can assist you in any design or digital requirement you may have.

With proven success, [mycalture] is able to design and develop material that is unique and varied. Having interpreted the communication requirements of clients across many industries, we have added strategic communication management and creative consulting to our bouquet of services.

With these exciting additions, we are able to provide our clients with a full spectrum service across the design and communication space. It is our ability to create compelling design, offer strategic input, and foster intuitive dialogue across all creative fields of design and communication that has differentiated [mycalture] from its competitors .

Give us a shout to see how [mycalture] can best service your needs. [We aim to please.]

A state of mind

[mycalture] is a state of mind. A philosophy that extends itself beyond the walls of design and advertising. Our team has gathered in response to this philosophy, and together we personify the essence of [mycalture]: sublime. premium. quality. selective. simple.

Our why

To stay successful in this new era of business, brands have to find new, innovative and compelling ways to manifest themselves – while staying true to their essence and without jeopardising their quality. This is why [mycalture] was born. [And because we love it.]

Our what

Our mission is to leverage the potential of our clients’ brands, through strategic positioning and visual engagement. As a creative house, we are skilled translators, meaning we translate the strategic positioning of our clients’ brands into visual and verbal messaging that effectively targets their markets. [Aim, fire!]

Our how

We are all about providing a personalised service, but we take it one giant leap further. More than just personalised service, we are committed to relationships with our clients that are indicative of trust, care and excellence. [Straight from the heart.]


[mycalture] consists of a multi-disciplinary structure that possesses the skills and experience required to operate 'through-the-line'.

The convergence of the media and knowledge-based economy has made traditional communication techniques redundant. Today's markets leapfrog change itself. Understanding these markets is crucial to the success of any business, and today, an entirely new way of addressing these markets is required.

The fundamentals of flexibility

[mycalture] has formulated an approach to business that we call "flexible integration". It means treating our clients’ business and brand as if it were our own, as if it were part of us, and bending backwards, forwards and sideways to find exciting, stand-out, through-the-line solutions that reach your markets where it counts. [Ooof! Did you feel that?]

Put another way, our approach encompasses one of total brand equity, acknowledging the impact of the brand's interaction with its market at every single touch point.

Through flexible integration, we are able to formulate unique packages that are tailor-made to fit our clients overarching needs, while still maintaining control and accountability for delivering on our clients’ desired outcomes, and while providing a winning service.

We’ve got it covered

We believe that the ability of [mycalture] to deliver personalised, hands-on service, with high-level experience, expertise, quality and flexibility, is unmatched. In addition, our professional suite of services and products are uniquely positioned to give our clients the benefit of one-stop solutions – eliminating the need to outsource to a number of independent suppliers.

We can manage all our clients’ needs – delivering total peace of mind in all media fields at all times.

"We work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure we arrive at solutions together."

The way we work

We understand that our clients’ brands are their most valuable assets. As communicators, [mycalture] assists in creating, building, nurturing and sustaining these brands. In addition, [mycalture] possesses the unique structure that allows us to give our clients the best expertise suited to their individual needs.

While [mycalture] is positioned as a key communicator, we also see ourselves as partners to our clients. Our passion for the work we do runs deep and our ability to connect with our clients' objectives, products and services, is absolute.

Ultimately, the success of our clients in their industries, determines our success in ours.