Website Development Overview

mycalture web

We truly do take a different approach to website development, supported by a world class design team allows us to not only create technically rich web applications but beautiful ones too. It’s true the world wide web has got its foot pinned straight to floor in its ever forward. Gone are the days of simply building a website, there are new development tools with more features for clients. Enter the web application. Web apps are websites in the traditional sense but offer more capabilities, from a landing page with a few bits of contact info though to Social Networks, eCommerce, web apps, file sharing utilities, video processing apps. The list is endless for the web environment, [mycalture] can deliver your project to market.

The approach

Each and every project we take on is in it's own right entirely unique, we approach every project with this in mind. We truly do live for our work. We are passionate about our clients, our projects and producing great web applications that are scalable, provide a fluent user experience and to load ultra fast. Web companies are often able to build highly functional sites but lack in user experience, on the other end of the scale companies often produce beautiful websites with great user experiences but are unable to offer the more technical functions that aid your users in interacting with your web application. [mycalture] bridges this gap and no product leaves our floor without looking great, offering the outmost in user functionality and a rock solid user experience. Every client receives a flat render demonstrating almost exactly what they will receive on the other end. This allows for prompt and 100% to brief design, before we’ve even written a line of code.

Our development style

[mycalture] works with PHP, Laravel, Javscript, Jquery, AngularJs, NodeJs, HTML5, CSS3. As you can tell our technologies are very focused as apposed to covering many many languages we choose to be brilliant in the ones that matter, it may seem like mumbo jumbo to you but in creating focus on certain technologies allows us to get your product to market sooner rather than later and in a very secure professional manner. Each project starts with a blank design and coding canvas. [mycalture] will never use an out of box system in creating your product, nor will we ever use a template already out there on the web. You pay us for our high levels of expertise and that is exactly what you will get every single time.